Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pujd - Pied Pipers and Organ Grinders

Endless flute, piano and organ solos on this mix mostly from that golden era of deep house music 1987-1993. The flutes lure you in to where the organs relentlessly grind: it's a house bloodbath. Only, it's just pleasant.

Mr. Fingers - U.S.S.R. [mca] 1992
Ferrari on Safari - Night Safari (all night mix) [eightball] 1993
Boyd Jarvis - Piano Track (Rays piano) [polar] 1991
Exit - We Can Work It Out (children mix) [quark] 1987
Deee-Lite - Build a Bridge (holographic house groove mix) [elektra] 1990
Arthur Baker featuring Nikeeta - I O U (after hours) [rca] 1992
Rudoulpho - Sunday Afternoon [ibadan] 1992 (2006 reissue)
Shazz - El Camino pt 2 [yellow] 1997
Mondo Grosso - Souffles H (live at the sound factory bar) [nite grooves] 1995
S.D.M. featuring Jovonn - Where Did House Go [millions of moments] 1993 (2012 reissue)
Kerri Chandler - Thinkin It's Over [freetown] 1996
Inner Sense - I Wanna Dub With U [mliu] 2011
Ten City - Right Back To You (edit) [atlantic] 1988
Mr. Fingers - Closer [mca] 1992
Jorio - Romance [eightball] 1993

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Point Thought - That River Flowing

Point Thought is Mixed Genre Producer. His music is pretty impressive.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Eels - I Need Some Sleep (Dwin Remix)

Youtubers say:

"With a beautiful song that bread is wonderful mood of the morning", "Aweesomee! Best mix version of this song I used to listen.", "Funky Beat",

And I agree.

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